4 PHILOSOPHYYamaura Seiji of philosophy

You do not give up absolute, it is not allowed to give up. Management and field is together, connected by have been Nagano automation of DNA. Its headwaters are located in Seiji Yamaura founder.
If for customers who are in trouble with the management, not even willing hand carry enough suitcase is broken. We will introduce such a Yamaura Seiji of management philosophy.

1, is not absolutely indicated otherwise, always meet at 120% in demand

Our company is the maker is the "equipment for making by automating the product there." One by one customer requirements, it will start from the place to be tailor-made. Often it is your own How do you know what to do, not the system After creating. Still, not otherwise specified absolutely, the demand we have aims to meet at 120%.
Because we are not making a device, every single component will ask the professional manufacturer. However, there is also that it would have been thrown out, "This can not be" in the professional manufacturer. So without giving up, is the attitude of the three decades of our company to think thoroughly until the parts of the problem. In fact since the big trade away some refused to others there is also a place and that have been asked in the inner, it has become to get down of long acquaintance. We can not afford to stop it now that was an order. Continuous and that not afford to give up has made a now of Nagano automation.

2, Computing power to creativity and embody to propose

Force to respond to customer demands is born from the accumulation of experience that has been considered to be troubled with themselves. Just only it has ordered to parts manufacturers, where whether the problem, it does not come into view as a whole. imagination to propose
new system, there is a computing power that embodies it, it is possible to build up all the movements of the system. In which orders a number of work, because the base is made, we believe that we can propose an easy-to-use equipment with higher performance. Even in the same product, longer, to those that can be used in a stable is that it must be known that it's bad Turning now not put money. It also is a strength that can be judged on the basis of experience and know-how.

3, Cost performance thorough

In order to respond at 120 percent customer requirements also, awareness of cost performance of in-house is important. Our In the company it is possible to keep always lower the cost level of the house, it is able to meet the demand from our customers.
founded shortly after time with no name value you will also have experience that got the job by issuing an estimate that is not lost to other companies. It is not possible to work in the initiative usually estimates even of the system. Considering the future, our company the underlying strength of orders at the price that's originally very unreasonable has.

4, Any request also undertake attitude makes a market

I hear constantly improve the voice that has pioneered the market boarded the field to go the center of the era, but it is none other than because luck was good.
However, for orders that have been entered into at that time, you can either refuse, or get hard to not give up rather than luck, I think it's willpower. Attitude that contract without giving up for any demand has led to the spread of the subsequent market.
what anyone did not make, everyone to have a sense of accomplishment when it was realized in the not time to make is the best part of making things, precisely because there is the fun, of Nagano automation contract without giving up any demand it has become the DNA.