1. Basic Principles

It recognizes that the protection of the global environment is one of mankind of important issues, in all aspects of corporate activities, and will strive to protect and improve the natural environment, and act with the environment in mind.


2.Environmental policy

” A pure regional environment will continue to protect in our actions. ” Is defined as a slogan, we will promote the issues then fry in all.

  1. Business activities that we do, the major is regarded product is a manufacturing equipment, automation equipment and their services accurately is the impact on the environment, to proceed with the prevention of environmental pollution aggressively.
  2. We will comply with environment-related legal requirements, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
  3. Among the environmental aspects of our business activities are involved, we will address the following items as environmental management priority themes.
    1. Effective utilization of resources, energy conservation, and strive to develop devices that are friendly to other environment, we will make technical proposals and improvements.
    2. Optimization of industrial waste management, reduction, we will strive to recycling.
    3. To proceed with the energy saving in production activities mainly in electrical and kerosene.
    4. Optimizing the management of organic solvents and chemical substances and we will work to reduce.
    5. Reduction of paper, reuse, we will promote the recycling.
  4. With raise awareness about the understanding and environment of environmental policy to employees, contractors, customers, etc. of interest environment friendly technology against person , material, publish goods and environmental management, and understanding of the environment We will continue to request cooperation.

Nov. 11, 2014 President Seiji Yamaura