or special-purpose machine production, it will be to the original order of the judgment referred to as " going cooks properly if here " as a custom home rather than to buy a look at what is form. However, the criteria of the " properly " is mixed by the company. If you get the first order of devices from customers, we chose to or cheaper than existing transaction device manufacturers, or faster delivery time, or concept of the process is good, as a new business partner in the judgment in part the price is visible that or cheaper It will be charged with. As a result the first time it is the words that I am going well when you had you look at the device 's the the " I thought made ​​me properly than I ", it is thought that it is the word which you can because our " properly " was beyond your assumption you.

Design concept

Color coding of electrical wiring will increase the hassle as often, but for it to color-coded with chitin without reducing it to because of maintenance maintenance, will determine the length while the lead in effort to reduce the extra wiring, extra wiring in is to become a cause of trouble, such as hooking. You can appropriate processing as processing disconnection does not occur the running wiring, the same way that prevent disconnection by holding down the volume rate of cable bare, clean of the wiring is all part of the performance.

Processing machines are is a very long period of use of the device as well as the accuracy of the request is higher than the usual special-purpose machine. Therefore, it is necessary to design to maintain their accuracy over a long period of time rather than a short-term performance. Its design concept is also currently the design and manufacture of non- processing machine has become many has become one of our features are unchanged. In addition, we experienced a respective equipment specifications so we have made ​​your equipment of various large companies. Customers of equipment specifications, since its customers, such as that made ​​for relapse prevention based on the past of trouble is what to be very helpful. So that you are able to continue trading from customers who have dealings with future First, we would like to enhance our " properly ".

Evolving nature

In the case of the manufacturer, no less Customers have a factory in China. It is also able to design and manufacture the production equipment in there is a subsidiary in China to China. When introducing the equipment to your China factory by direct trading in the Company's China corporation and your China factory it is possible to reduce the cost. In addition, the company supports a variety of devices from the machine to the device, such as for use in a clean room. Therefore, after the trading began in the apparatus of something, it will say "It's convenient because anything can consult other kinds of devices." So who can increasingly rely on the person in charge of production technology in the future and I want to increase the areas where more can respond and continue the new challenge.