If you want to request the production equipment , it will be technology and cost is important I think , but it is necessary to sufficiently consider the request destination of capacity .
Once equipment is increasing further production after the introduction of the attempt to add more repeat machine or refused order destination is busy , do not I get a corresponding quite in the busy season and also have the bug and remodeling of the introduced equipment It is troubled with such things happen so . On the other hand , major equipment manufacturer is safe in that respect , but it will become costly for indirect costs increase . It is , seems to be the reason why I am saying that the scale of much we just say .

Design force

Special-purpose machine manufacturers of capacity will determine in large part by the designer number. We are doing a powerful design with exclusive partner network in addition to design employees 60 people near. When the designer is small, situation that can not be exactly the other during the design period will occur. It can take from where the designer has finished early and enough to the next project . Since designers often, many designers have been gained a lot of experience. Therefore " anything, I - is doing " and is compatible with various devices enough to get the impression that. It is our characteristic that connect this experience to the idea out and fail to do the design of a new process.

Equipment and facilities

For even equipment and facilities for making designed equipment, plant size, processing equipment, test equipment, power equipment, clean room, dry room and what you need is equipped. Factory, since there are more than 2300㎡ only in the assembly location of the device is also a line of more than 50m you can test run continuously. To each customer's equipment by area divided by partition more of confidentiality also takes care. Processing equipment, machining eight-lathe four milling three-wire electric discharge two-surface grinding two-lapping polishing two other Align the many, important parts that affect the performance of the device was manufactured in-house We have to improve the quality. We also put more force than processing professional trader as inspection equipment, laser interferometer Mont-type three-dimensional measuring machine-arm type three-dimensional measuring machine, arm-type non-contact measuring instrument, the readiness of such thorough thermostatic precision measurement chamber is taken It has.

Power supply equipment are prepared power generation facilities of 100 ~ 440V100A, it is possible commissioning of all equipment. In the clean room, dry room I supports such as process validation of a secondary battery hate the humidity and high process verification and lithium-ion battery of cleanliness. Is we want to avoid that equipment and facilities are not go along to the customer expectations by a shortage. On the other hand, I believe also not be to your benefit seems excessive equipment is plus the cost. The factory space in cooperation company network when you lack in our equipment and facilities 12300㎡, then we have processed goods production 18 times the capacity, efficiency by utilizing such as prefecture Industrial Research Institute for very special inspection well Customers we aim a system to meet the expectations.