SHOW ROOMGuidance of showroom・laboratory

You can kindly know our manufacturing, it offers a showroom-laboratory to carry out the experiment for the device consider your. The determine the ability of Sochi-ya I think it's plain to see the actual device. Whether you can clear your company's criteria, please check us on our office.

Electrode sheet-fed laminating machine

It is a device for laminating the electrode, such as a lithium-ion battery to high speed. Demonstration unit, offers both the laminating apparatus for laminating the bagging equipment and electrodes to put each one electrode in the bag-like separator was feeding from a roll in the device. It can be accurately stacked while initiative by carrying out image processing alignment while incorporating the cam mechanism. The ratio of bagging type is higher in the method for producing a lithium ion battery. Please check the high-speed bagging stacked in demo machine.

Electrode bagging laminating device


Film laminating equipment

Sheet of film equipment or film and glass and resin plate is a bubble without sticking to fit devices such. It is possible to paste without air bubbles and scratches and has got used to the bonding such as optical films and functional films. Although're available is a semi-automatic machine for experiments, the application was peeling mechanism this mechanism also full automatic machine plus There are many achievements. You can find high-quality paste in the experimental stage.


The apparatus for inspecting the inner surface of the cylinder such as cutting holes. Isusu, it will be able to inspect the industry's highest level of accuracy by the laser scanning method and scratches. In experimental machine You can check the power of inspection.

Electrolyte pour experimental machine

In the lithium-ion battery of the assembly process, making it the laminated with a side-by-side electrolyte pour takes longer process. It proposed a vacuum liquid injection as a high-speed of the electrolyte pour, we kindly adopted wide-ranging from general-purpose 18650 to large batteries for automobiles. Up to A4 class from 18650 class as an experimental device offers a device that can correspond. Since dry room equipped, you can check the power of vacuum infusion in the actual electrolyte.

Roll press, coating machine

A roll press and coating machine for the electrode creating secondary battery I served.

Heat laminate

It is a simple type you have but to prepare an experimental machine for heat lamination. W300 150 ℃ is correspondence.

washing machine

The experimental machine brush with the two-fluid cleaning I offers. It has become a device that realizes low-cost powerful cleaning force. Please contact verify the actual cleaning power.

Image processing

In addition to image processing camera of the company held by you will be able to experiment ordered the famous manufacturers of camera. Please contact use even if you do not put out the experiment to image processing camera manufacturer in relation to the work of confidentiality.